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About Us

The ACA HealthInsurance Marketplace website known as has been providing insurance coverage since 2014by Federal Mandate.

The current administration has been trying to repeal Obamacare for the past year with no luck. Affordable plans have become only for those that are qualified for Tax Credits, known as subsidys. The others are made up of members with serious Pre-Existing conditions who are unable to qualify for alternative plans In 2019 the Trump administration has eliminated the Mandate for having to have an ACA plan and removal of Tax Penaltys for not having an ACA policy. Plus opening up the Short Term Medical market to coverage now for 364 days with a 3 year renewal date. Access has begun for those seeking affordable solutions are now present in buying Health Insurance. This site will allow you to shop for plans with reasonable rates and design these plans with first dollar benefits to fit the needs for yourself and family.

Our agency has been in the Health Insurance business since 1981. And we are committed to the residents of North and South Carolina to partner with the highest level of Insurance Providers in the country and to bring the best possible medical products available ! Please open the United Healthcare /Golden Rule LINKS on the tab above to have access to the quoting engine and compare plans and rates. The HEALTH PROTECTOR GUARD PRIMARY PREFERRED and the GOLDEN RULE SHORT TERM MEDICAL ELITE A are the best Combo plans to bring your coverage and rates affordable with very low out of pocket exposure. Please CONTACT us thru our Contact Page and we will call you back to help you enroll and to answer ALL of your questions.